Seoul Work Encounter

2018 서울 워크 인카운터

​예지 그로토프스키-토마스 리처드 워크센터 한국 내한 워크숍

Workshop in Korea by Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards


* Participant recruitment is over.


- Title: Seoul Work Encounter 2018 - Workshop


- Date: October 6th(Sat.) - 17th(Wed.) 

   * with two days off on 12nd and 13rd

   * Press Conference and Open Rehearsal will be held on 18th(Thur.) 



- Place: Oil Tank Cultural Park of Seoul/ Oryu Art Hall

- Time: 10:00 a.m~ 6:00 p.m 

   * Including 1hour lunch time. Meals are not provided.

   * After the official schedule, there may be additional exercises. 


- Fee: 400,000 KRW


- Date: Close

- Applicant: actor, director, and dramaturg

- After filing out the application forms, send them to the email(

- Documentaries

① Applicant form in English

② Video file (3 min.)

     * Submit the video in a Zip file in bulk with the application form

     * Application Download 

Announcement for 


- Workcenter chooses participants 

- Participants fully in the entire course of the workshop first

​- We will announce who will be accepted by 25th September


- to issue certifications to participants in the entire course of workshop

- to offer the opportunity to present propositions of selected participants in Open Rehearsal on Oct.18

- Mainly English will be spoken with translator into Korean  

- to provide the place for practicing individual propositions before workshop

    * Oct.1st~5rd 10:00am~5pm at Oil Tank Cultural Park of Seoul

Singing Session

The Workcenter has researched ancient songs based on African and Caribbean traditions. It follows the songs that one leader calls and repeats, transforming each actor's action into energy, and also allowing the inner energy to flow to another actor or the surrounding environment without clogging. 

Acting Proposition

Each accepted participant will prepare a three-minute acting proposition prior to the start of the class, based upon either a song or a text. It should be repeatable, with a beginning, a development, and an ending, like a short performance. Thomas Richards and actors propose deliberate feedback on the performances and make sure the artist is precisely aware of why he or she is doing such acts, freeing from pumping and cliché. It will be further developed under the guidance of Mr. Richards and his assistants throughout the Workshop and presented on the last day. 

Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards


The Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards founded in 1986 by Grotowski who one of the most important and influential theatre practitioners of the 20th century in Pontedera is developing a line of performance research known as Art as vehicle. After his death in 1999, Thomas Richards has been leading the Workcenter, developing Grotowski’s work, comprised of 25 artists from 12 countries each working in a distinct team: the Focused Research Team, the Open Program, and the Workcenter Studio in residences.

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