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'예술 창작 집단 지비(약칭‘지비’)'는 예지 그로토프스키- 토마스 리처드 워크센터의 워크숍에 참여한 한국의 공연 예술가들이 모여 그들이 경험한 그로토프스키 예술론을 연구, 실천하고 한국 연극과 이탈리아 워크센터 팀의 네트워킹을 지속하고자 만든 연극 단체입니다.


The Association for Theatre Craft and Creative Process GB(GB) is a theatre group composed of artists who have participated in workshops with the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards. We are continually seeking to develop our actor’s craft along the lines we have encountered within the workshops with Mr. Richards and his team. We are dedicated to the creation of a bridge between Korean artists and Workcenter performing arts research.

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Phone                 백현주 010-5004-8303

                            김시연 010-3739-7138

                            홍윤경  010-5142-5703 

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